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Mandi Moore

Phone 07801- 656128
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Mandi Moore

Amanda Moore Consultancy
Chapter: Dynamo BNI (Glasgow)

Health and Wellness, Health & Wellness Services

My BusinessI am an Herbalife Independent Member. Clients come to me because they are low in energy, tired, over-weight and I help them to make changes through good nutrition. Many people especially those in business skip breakfast, eat on the run or fill themselves with coffee and sugary snacks. I also work with people who are in sports; marathon runners, tri-athletes and ultra marathon runners helping them achieve their personal best. pre & post fuelling is essential to runners as is hydration and recovery And people who go to the gym, but don't seem to change weight or shape I help people to change one habit at a time, that's why we let potential clients try out our 6 day healthy breakfast pack free of charge Changing Peoples Lives